Knut Web Setup lets you define basic and advanced settings for Knut.

  • Give your Knut a name and tell it where to send data
  • Specify how often to take recordings and when to send alert messages
  • Define basic rules like: When the temperature is below 62°F send me a low temperature alert

Let’s get started! You will need:

  • 2 AAA alkaline or lithium batteries (We do not recommend using rechargeable batteries)
  • How often to transmit data
  • A Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a laptop or smartphone
  • The name and password for your Wi-Fi network
  • A supported browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

1. Create a new email account, designated exclusively for Knut

You can use any email host you like, and give it any name that you like. This will become the free, cloud storage account for your Knut(s). Multiple Knuts can use this same email account, but this should not be used for personal email. Write down your username and password, you’ll need it during setup.

2. Activate the Knut Setup Wi-Fi network

Install batteries in Knut. The green LED will illuminate, indicating that Knut is now broadcasting the Knut Setup network.

3. Connect your computer to Knut

On your computer or mobile device, open the menu for network settings. In the list of Wi-Fi networks, “Knut Setup” should appear as an available network. Connect your computer to this network.

Only connect one computer or mobile device to the Knut Setup network at a time. Multiple connections to Knut Setup will cause frustration and failure.

4. Launch Knut’s Web Setup

On your computer, open a new web browser window or tab. In the address bar, type:

This will direct you to Knut’s Web Setup tutorial.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Web Setup. When you are done, check back here to learn more about using your Knut.

  • Setup could take as few as 3 minutes, but as long as 15 minutes if you choose to create rules at this time
  • To save battery life, you can remove Knut’s batteries for the rest of setup. The Web Setup will prompt you to replace them when necessary.

5. Complete setup

Once you confirm settings in the Web Setup, Knut will be set up and running.

You will receive an ‘info email’ from Knut to confirm the setup.

  • This confirmation will be sent to the ‘alert email address’ that you specified during setup
  • If you do not receive this confirmation, Knut is unable to communicate with you, possibly because of a:
    • mistyped password for your Wi-Fi network
    • mistyped name or password for Knut’s email account
    • mistyped email address specifying where you want to receive ‘alert emails’
  • The Web Setup will give you an informative error message, if it is a problem with email or Wi-Fi passwords
  • For additional troubleshooting, see our support page

When setup is complete, be sure to switch your computer back to your regular Wi-Fi network.

6. Use a Knut App to view data and communicate with Knut

From now on, you can communicate with Knut using one of the Knut Apps on your computer or mobile device. You should never have to log into Knut’s email account–in fact, we recommend that you don’t. If you modify this account the Knut Apps may stop working. Knut will organize and use this account, and send the data to the Knut Apps. You can view data in the Knut App. You will receive alert messages, based on the rules you set, at the ‘alert email address’ you provided in the Web Setup (probably your personal email).

If you want to change any of the recording periods, set thresholds for alerts, specify recipients for email alerts, etc you can now do this in the Knut App. If you want to reset your Knut and erase all data, you can do a complete reset.

To learn more about recording and alert setting for Knut, see the Settings page.