The water presence sensor is ideal for detecting spills, leaks and floods in areas you want to keep dry. Contact with water at any location along the cable or at the tip will trigger a recording. You can even extend the reach of the sensor by connecting additional cables end-to-end.

Specs for the water presence sensor

  • Units: Wet/Dry
  • Recording triggered by: appearance/disappearance of water; user-defined recording intervals
  • Safe for use in: water, most environments.
  • Not safe for use with: solvents, acids

Considerations when using the Water Presence Sensor

The entire length of the sensor rope, including the distal end, is sensitive to water presence. But remember that Knut itself is not water resistant! To keep Knut at a safe distance from the site of potential water appearance, you may wish to place only the distal end of the sensor near the area at risk for water appearance. Alternatively, you may wish to maximize the chance of water detection by placing the majority of the Water Presence Sensor in the area of interest–for example stretched along the ground. Additional sensor cables can be connected end-to-end to provide a longer reach or increased coverage area.

Note that the nylon sheath around the sensor acts as a wick and reservoir for water, so the disappearance of water in the environment may not exactly correlate with the disappearance of water from the sensor.