Q:  Something is wrong and I need help!

A:  Please see this post on our forums for an up to date problems and solutions list: http://amperic.com/knutlegacy/forums/topic/problems-and-solutions/. If your question isn’t answered here please feel free to either leave a post or contact us at knut@amperic.com. We usually respond to most emails in a few minutes (10am-10pm EST).

Q:  What is ”Humidity Temp” and why does it show up when I plug in my humidity sensor?

A:  The humidity sensor contains a temperature sensor along with its humidity sensor. The temperature sensor inside the humidity sensor is more accurate and much faster to respond to temperature changes then the temperature sensor contained in Knut. Because of these advantages I thought it would be nice to expose it to the user.

Q:  How do I edit Knut’s settings after Knut has been setup?

A:  You do this through a Knut Interface app. In the iOS app, tap edit in the top right corner, then tap on your Knut. In the Windows app, double click on your Knut. After pressing save in the app, you can either wait Knut’s transmission period, or press the black button on Knut’s cover for it to apply your changes.

Q:  How do I add a sensor to Knut after Knut has been setup?

A:  Plug the sensor into Knut and press the black button on Knut’s front cover.  

Q:  How do I remove a sensor from Knut after Knut has been setup?

A:  Remove the sensor and press the black button on Knut’s front cover.  Knut needs to be told that you intended to remove the sensor so if you do not press the black button, Knut will complain that the sensor has failed.

Q:  How do I switch the relay on and off on the breakout board?

A:  You can either create a rule that switches the relay on or off based on a condition, or you can switch the relay using the designated On and Off buttons in the Knut Interface app. Response time using the app is usually 5-10 seconds.