If you wish to entirely erase Knut’s configuration settings, you can perform a hard reset. This will remove information about the Wi-Fi network, W-Fi password, Knut email account, recording settings, sensors, etc. This operation may be necessary if:

  • You want to change the email account that Knut uses
  • You are giving Knut to someone else, and they want to create their own Knut email account
  • Setup with one of the Knut Apps encountered a problematic error

We don’t want you to reset Knut on accident, so this is intentionally a bit tricky.

  1. Remove one battery from Knut
  2. Press the black button, and keep holding it down
  3. While still holding down the button, put the second battery back into Knut
  4. Keep holding down the button until the green LED starts blinking rapidly
  5. Release the button
  6. All prior setting have now been erased, and you can start a fresh Setup

Note that most features of Knut can be modified in the Knut Apps, without doing a full reset! This includes recording settings, rules, alert email recipient, alerts, and time preferences.