Meet Knut

Knut is a Wi-Fi-enabled sensor platform. With its array of interchangeable sensors, Knut can sample and record numerous features of its environment. Temperature, humidity, and water presence are just a few. You won’t be restricted by cords or outlets, because Knut runs on two AAA batteries. Data is automatically graphed in the Knut App, where you can easily view the status of Knut’s sensors and modify settings. And to top it all off, Knut is free to use.

How Knut works

Knut records measurements from its sensors at periodic intervals. You choose how frequently Knut should check, depending on how variable or sensitive the environment is.

Knut encodes its sensor data, and sends it to a ‘cloud storage system’–an email account that you create just for Knut. The Knut Apps automatically download and decode the sensor data, so you can easily view data and settings from any PC or mobile device.

The Knut App becomes your window to Knut. Scroll through graphs to see both current and past data from Knut’s sensors. Modify settings like recording intervals and alert thresholds when you need Knut’s behavior to change. The Knut App sends your updated settings back to Knut.

When Knut detects an alert condition–like the temperature is too high or the battery is getting low–it sends an alert message. You can choose where Knut sends these alerts: to your phone, to your personal email, to your best friend’s email. Change the recipients and alert conditions right in the Knut App.

What you can do with Knut

Set up Knut near the things you care about. Whether it’s a wine cellar, a house plant, or a corner in the basement with your box of vintage records, Knut lets you monitor conditions remotely. You can view recent conditions with the Knut App, and receive alert messages when conditions are outside of an acceptable range. Knut lets you stay connected without being distracted.

Incorporate Knut into your hobby and business projects. Knut can monitor conditions in temperature-sensitive operations like beer brewing, food storage, and greenhouse horticulture. With the breakout board, you can even connect your own custom sensors. Let us know how you want to use Knut!