The magnetic door switch distinguishes between open and closed states, and lets you check on the status of doors, windows, or other moveable objects. The switch is always poised to record events. As soon as the switch changes states (open to closed, or closed to open) the Knut immediately records the event.

Specs for the magnetic door switch

  • Units: open/closed
  • Recording triggered by: opening or closing the switch; user-defined recording intervals
  • Safe for use in: most environments
  • Not ideal for use in: strong magnetic fields. See considerations below.

Considerations when using the magnetic door switch

Because this switch uses a magnet, the switch may be read as ‘closed’ when the two halves of the switch are still a small distance apart. The exact distance at which the switch reads ‘closed’ can be influenced by external magnetic fields. For example, the sensitivity may be reduced if you are putting this on a refrigerator door. Fortunately, you can position the free side of the switch to fit your needs.