The Breakout Board provides three bonus features for Knut. First, it allows Knut to connect to wall power. Second, it provides universal terminals for connecting your own custom sensors. Third, it allows creative hobbyists to use Knut inputs, rules and apps to control outputs via a 10 Amp relay.

Specs for the breakout board

  • Power connection: micro-USB (With a micro-USB to USB cord, as shown at right, Knut can be plugged in to a cell phone wall charger or a computer)
  • Input connection: screw terminals (2)
  • Output connection: screw terminals
  • Relay capacity: 10 Amps (Use of the relay is entirely at your own risk, for hobby purposes, and is not intended for critical applications)
  • Safe for use in: Indoor, dry, supervised environments
  • Compatible with: Knut, 3-port hub

Considerations when using the breakout board

The micro-USB port offers an alternative to battery power, for applications where constant power or immediate responses are required. A micro-USB to USB wire can be used to plug Knut into a USB port on your computer or on a cell phone wall charger. When Knut is connected to power through the breakout board, it automatically enters a “powered mode.” This means that Knut will respond immediately to setting updates and other requests that you send. The LED will be on and dim to indicate that Knut is in powered mode, and the LED will not blink during activity as it does in the battery-powered mode.

Knut can run indefinitely when connected to wall power. If you are switching between battery and wall power, you may wish to change the settings for recording and transmitting data through one of the Knut Apps. You can set Knut to transmit data as frequently as once per 15 seconds when in powered mode.

The two input terminals provide a universal connection point for adding up to three custom sensors or inputs of your choosing. Once connected, these custom sensors can be configured using one of the Knut Apps. There you can define names, units, calibration curves and other features.

The 10 Amp relay and two output terminals provide a means for experienced hobbyists and inventors to develop custom solutions with the Knut platform. It is important to note that use of the relay and the output terminals is entirely at your own risk. Amperic, Inc cannot accept liability for danger or malfunction associated with use of the breakout board or its output capacity. It is intended exclusively for development projects. We cannot recommend leaving outputs connected in unsupervised scenarios or using the output function of the breakout board for critical applications. The relay will only function when the breakout board is connected to power via the micro-USB port.