When you are ready to exchange or add sensors to your Knut, you can easily configure the new sensors with one of the Knut Apps. The Knut App will only display data for sensors that are currently attached to a Knut, so you may wish to export sensor data before switching sensors. See note below.

  1. Remove any unwanted sensor(s) from Knut.
  2. Plug in a new sensor, or a 3-port hub plus sensors, into Knut’s 8-pin connector.
  3. Tap the black button on Knut, to prompt Knut to detects its current set of sensors.
  4. The green LED should blink briefly, to indicate that Knut checked the status of it sensors. Knut is now aware of the connected sensors, and is ready for you to configure their settings using one of the Knut Apps.
  5. Launch the Knut App on your Windows, iOS or Android device.
  6. Refresh the app to be sure it gets the latest configuration data from Knut.
  7. Any sensors you removed will no longer be listed in the App, and any new sensor(s) will now be listed.
  8. Add rules and alert settings for the new sensor, as you see fit.
  9. Modify recording and transmission settings for this Knut, as you see fit.

Note about removing sensors: When you remove a sensor from Knut, data for that sensor will no longer be accessible in the Knut Apps. If you would like to export the data to a .csv file, do this through one of our desktop Apps before you remove the sensor. If you would like to see data from an old sensor again in the App, you can plug the sensor back in, then tap the black button on Knut. (This is the same process as ‘adding a new sensor’.) The App will detect that the sensor is once again present and will display the old data in the App. You can also download the data as a .csv file at this time.